Clothes Closet

As a faith-based organization established to minister to the needs of families and individuals in NE KCMO, Grace operates a Clothes Closet to help those needing clothing assistance. The Grace Clothes Closet is open four days per week (Monday-Thursday) from 10 AM to 2 PM. The pantry is managed by a GUCM staff member and supported by community volunteers. Grace clients may receive men’s, women’s and children’s clothing, both casual and dress. Seasonal clothing is available as well.

To donate or find out more about the GUCM Clothes Closet Program or to offer support or become involved, please contact:

Archie Johnson, Food Pantry & Clothes Closet Coordinator
Phone: (816) 231-5745
GUCM email:


Mr. Jesse Barnes, CEO/Executive Director, GUCM
Phone: (816) 231-5745; Mobile: (816) 215-3639
GUCM email: