Freedom School

The Education Before Recreation Summer Camp provides an opportunity for Grace students, ages 6-13, to continue their skill development in a fun, yet structured summer program. For 8 weeks, students participate in educational and recreational activities and receive much needed nutritious meals.

The summer camp day starts with Harambee (pulling together) – During this time, children, volunteers, and staff are fully engaged in a variety of high motivational chants and physical movements to get “pumped” up for the day’s activities. This is a student favorite every year!

Each day is filled with explorative reading, hands on activities, group role playing and interactive math activities. The recreational portion of the program features fun-fill activities such as arts & crafts, team-building exercises, science and engineering projects, group competitions, and sports. Field trips are scheduled for Fridays and include museums, swimming, trips to parks and children-friendly tours of local attractions.

To find out more about the Education Before Recreation Summer Program or to schedule a tour, offer support or become involved, please contact Lori Theus, GUCM Program Director at (816) 231-5745 [email protected]