After School Tutoring

The students use graduated learning packets appropriate to each student’s reading ability.  Each student is tested at the beginning and end of each semester. GUCM students continue to record positive results with tested and observed increases in comprehension, fluency and accuracy. The students averaged gains of 1.3 Reading Grade Levels! This is very encouraging as most students come into the program well below grade level in reading and math. Math skills continue to show year over year improvement as well.

The After School Tutoring program has been certified by the State of Missouri as a snackSupplemental Education Services (SES) provider. GUCM students come from six surrounding elementary partner schools. GUCM provides transportation, a nutritious snack and dedicated Group Leaders to serve as positive role models.

Volunteers provide one-on-one tutoring for the students. Each tutor is equipped with a pre-planned package and goal for the day. GUCM volunteer tutors include retired teachers, medical students, college students, retired men and women. The GUCM volunteer coordinator provides communications, assignments and coordination.

To find out more about the After School Tutoring program or to schedule a tour, offer support or become involved, please contact Lori Theus, GUCM Program Director at (816) 231-5745 or [email protected]